General company description. The company provides highest standard engineering solutions for the flow control industry.HVAC, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical etc.) and cleanrooms.  

Main product line Flow Control products Instrumentation,Valves,Pumps and filtration equipment.

Market Flow industry (water, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical etc.), Hi-tech industry HVAC and OEM .

H.B.S Control         can offer you more than an agency for process equipment and instrumentation.

H.B.S Control         with its know-how in industrial processing equipment, engineering and instrumentation, is a leader in its field.

H.B.S Control        is expert in developing customized engineering solutions for problems at all levels.

H.B.S Control        Is selecting and offering  the best products from world class principals to the Israeli Industrial clients applications.

OUR TEAM           Has a team of specialists with 35 years of accumulated instrumentation expertise and experience in industrial product services.

H.B.S Control specializes in 3 main areas:

                                                            Flow Control & Process Equipment

                                                            HVAC market.

                                                            Engineering Projects

H.B.S               executes and installs stand-alone projects and products that meet the highest industrial standards.

H.B.S               expertise emphasizes well experienced and tested

              Standard application of solutions to meet customer requirements.

H.B.S Control supplies instrumentation and equipment for The industrial applications and supports after sale service.

WE ARE PROUD with our know-how and the growing list of its satisfied customers in Israel and throughout ISRAELI OEM clients in many countries in the world

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