Valves and Actuation
Solenoid Valves
5 way Solenoid Valves. NAMUR plaque 5/2 way Miniature Valves.
5 ways, 2 positions, monoestable. For compressed air and other neutral 
Slide servo operated action. gases.
Forged brass body. Forged brass body.
Acrylo - Nitrile seals. Acrylo - Nitrile seals and seats.
NAMUR Connections. BSP or NPT1/4" threaded connections
IP65 and NEMA 4 protection Servo operated action
2-ways Solenoid Valves For chloro fluorinated  2-ways Solenoid Valves For ammonia (NH3) 
(CFC and HCFC) and  chloro fluorinated 
ecological refrigerants (HFC) (CFC and HCFC) and 
Forged Brass body.  ecological refrigerants (HFC)
Teflon seats and diaphragm