Valves and Actuation
Solenoid Valves
2 way Solenoid Valves for steam  2 way Diaphragm Valves
Normally closed and normally open.
Normally closed.
Direct acting. The straight passage Diaphragm servo operated action.
prevents pressure drops and  Forged brass body.
turbulence caused by the fluidīs  AISI304 or forged brass die-cast 
changing direction as it is the case  bonnet
with conventional valves. IP65 and NEMA4 Protection.
3 way Valves for pneumatic and/or hydraulic use 4/3 way Valves. Closed center
3 ways, 2 positions, normally closed,  It allows to operate double acting 
normally open or universal. cylinders or actuators. Aluminium, 
Direct acting. It does not need minimum  brass and stainless steel body.
differential pressure to operate. Pilot orifices with internal discharge, it 
Body: brass, iron, stainless steel, etc may operate dangerous fluids or 
those which do not allow spills