Valves and Actuation
Plug Valves
Black Liquor Valve DIN Cast Iron Valves
5.jpg (7963 bytes) Liquor recovery line in pulp process
Non- rising stem type
generally include organic material. If Design: DIN3352
valves in piping have a dead cavity, it Face to face dimensions: DIN3202 F4
cause problem easily by slurry and End flange: DIN2501
sludge. So it is essential to use no Class: PN10
dead cavity valve and that is 3Z Black Size: 2" - 12"
liquor valves.
BS Cast Iron Valves ANSI Cast Iron Valves
Gate, non-rising stem type, BS5163
Gate, rising stem type, MSS SP-70
Gate, rising stem type, BS5150 Gate, non-rising stem type,MSS SP-70
Globe, BS5152 Globe, MSS SP-85
Check, BS5153 Check, MSS SP-71
Class: PN16 Class: 125 - 250lbs
Size: 2" - 24" Size: 2" - 36"
BS 1218, BS4090,
BS Strainers are available, too
Low Pressure, Flanged Valves V1-2 Forged, High Pressure Valves V1-1
The V1-2 applies our core design
The V1-1 design includes integral
concepts to industrial processes seats, RAMô hard coatings, blowout
where lower pressure classes are proof stem and live-loaded packing.
more common. This valve is designed Primarily used in high-energy
for critical isolation applications in applications in the Power Industry.
Hydrocarbon Refining and Processing, Available in sizes: 1/2" to 4",and ANSI
Mining, Oil & Gas Production, pressure classes 900-4500, including
Pulp & Paper and other industries. interpolated and special ratings.