Valves and Actuation
Plug Valves
Flanged End Plug Valves 3Z Eccentric Plug Valves     
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3Z PLUG valves were developed  are designed to handle a wide variety 
to  resolve process  valve problems of liquids, gasses and solids,including 
in  one shot  and have proven their   water, air, petroleum, paint and non-
excellent performance in thousands  corrosive chemicals. Eccentric plug 
of  plant applications. valves are used in power and 
chemical plants, paper mills,water and 
waste water treatment plants, HVAC 
applications as well as hot process 
applications, and mining operations.
Fingertrol Plug Valves  Autoclave Valves          (Non-Lubricated Plug Type)
This type valve was developed  to  120ox.jpg (10131 bytes) Uses : 
control at small/dangerous space.  Autoclave piping line
As synthesing two word, of 'finger'  Concrete manufacturing line including 
and 'control', fingertrol valve need only  sillicate chip
two fingers power. So it is easy to  High temperature and high pressure
operate and handle because of  Body, Plug:  WCB,LCB,304,304L,316, 
operating by air actuator loaded on  316L,A20,CD4M,HB,HC,MO,INCONEL,
valve. TI,ZR      Sleeve: 3Z AC Teflon