Valves and Actuation
Gate Valves
Steel Gate Valve, forged - MSA S 42 Slab Gate Valve - MSA S 85
water,steam,air, non-corrosive liquids
Oil and oil products
Welding ends Welding ends
Temperature range Temperature range from -50Cto+50C
from - 20C to + 575C PN 100, DN from 300 to 1200
PN from 160 to 400,
DN from 65/50 to 300/225
Gate Valve - MSA A 00 with Manual Operating Parallel Slide Gate Valve (PSG)
Element or Electric Actuator
The (PSG) addresses the need for
For nuclear installations true in-line valve reparability in large
Water, steam, oil, air, gas, diameter, high-energy piping systems.
non-corrosive liquids Specifically designed for steam and
Welding ends feedwater applications, the PSG
Temperature range up to + 350C provides bi-directional zero-leakage
Pserv up to 20,0 MPa, using the RAM coating systems.
DN from 50 to 800 It is available in sizes 10 to 36",