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36000, 36500 Pipe Branch Control Valve Severe Service Control Valve Xactrol
The pipe branch control valve is a 
The Xactrol™ product group unites 
on/off or regulating valve and it is  zero-leakage technology with special 
    suitable for water- and district heating  designs that allow rotary modulating 
networks. control.The Xactrolis typically used 
Nominal pressure 25 bar DN 40 ...200 in applications where minimum flow 
Flange drillings and relatively high differential 
According to PN16,special order PN25 pressures are required. 
Temperature max/min +150 °C/- 20 °C Allows the customer to combine 
precise flow control with tight 
Sterivalve Sanitary Valve Control Plug Valves 3Z  (Non-Lubricated Plug Type)
The Sterivalve is the most advanced  120con.jpg (10419 bytes)
Uses : 
technological answer to interception  Inlet/outlet of Tank, Reactor, 
problems in pharmaceutical, chemical     Heat exchanger etc.
and food industry products. The  Control at dangerous/remote/high/small 
Sterivalve is designed to satisfy the     space  
severe hygienic and functional  Auto Control
requirements put forth by the said Available Size & Temperature : 
industries.    1/2 - 24 inches & from -50 to 230*C