Valves and Actuation
Check, Control Valves
Cast Iron Swing Check Valve - MSA C 06 Swing Check Valve - MSA L 10 127
Water, steam, gas, non-corrosive
made of forged steel
liquids Water, steam,air, non-corrosive liquids
Flanged ends Welding ends
Temperature range from 0C to+200C Temperature range from - 20C
CLASS 125, NPS from 14" to 24" to + 575C
PN from 160 to 400, DN
from 65/50 to 300/225
Asteknik-4310 Wafer Check Valve Asteknik-4010 Check Valve
wafer check valves can be used to
Asteknik type 4010 is a flanged,
all general purpose applications. double eccentric valve and used as a
DN/ANSI : DN 24- DN 600 1''-32'' check valce. It supplies full leakage
Working pressure : PN 4 PN 6, tightness from metal to metal design
PN 10, PN 16 and metal to elastomer design.
Marking : EN 19 Actuation types are hydraulic lever
Face-to-face : Please check the counter weight and with lever
technical documentation counter weight. DN150-DN1000 6''-40''