Valves and Actuation
Ball Valves
Visa Cast Steel Ball Valve Cast Steel Ball Valve
(Floating Ball Type )
(Trunnion mounted ball type)
Floating ball type 2pcs or 3pcs body
2pcs body Reduced and full bore
Reduced and full bore Fire safe and antistatic
Fire safe and antistatic Size: 2" - 24"
Size: 1/2" - 12" Class: 150 - 600lbs
Class: 150 - 300lbs
Operator: lever, gear, electric, Operator: lever, gear, electric,
pneumatic actuator pneumatic actuator
Visa Forged Steel Ball Valve Cast Steel Globe Valve - MSA C 09. 1
(Trunnion mounted ball type)
Non-corrosive liquids, water,
3pcs body saturated steam, oil, air, crude oil
Reduced and full bore products.
Fire safe and antistatic Flanged ends, welding ends
Size: 2" - 12" Temperature range from - 46C
Class: 150 - 1500lbs to + 650C
Operator: lever, gear, electric, CLASS from 150 to 600, NPS
pneumatic actuator from 2" to 14"