Valves and Actuation
Ball Valves
Ball Sector Valve of Stainless Steel Ball Valve of stainless steel Series 450
The ball sector valve is specially The ball valve is a tight on/off valve
designed for the control and it is suitable for use in liquid and
applications of different media as air pipe systems. Ball valve is used
liquid, pulps and steam.The Ball sector e.g. in industrial, oil- and gas, marine
valve is used e.g. in industrial, oil-and pipe systems.
gas pipe systems and district heating Nominal pressure:
networks. 16 bar DN 100..250
Nominal pressure: PN 16 Temperature:
Temperature: max/min +260 C/-40 C max/min +260 C/-40 C
Fully Lined Ball Check Valve 3Z Cast Steel Valves (Standard Types)
Uses :
Gate, Globe, Swing Check Valve
Protection of pump motor from API600/6D,BS1873/1868&ANSIB16.34
backflow damage Class: 150-1500lbs Size: 2"-36"
Protection of pump impeller from Material:WCB,LCB,LCC,LC3,WC1,WC6,
backflow damage WC9,C5,C12,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M,etc.
Certain degree of shut-off function Face to face: ANSI B16.10
when backhead is high End flange: ANSI B16.5
BODY : WCB(316)/PFA(FEP) BW end: ANSI B16.25 Test: API598
Disc : FEP(PFA) WCB/PFA(FEP) Operator:handwheel, gear, electric .