Valves and Actuation
Acnuators and Positioners
Schiebel Linear Actuator Schiebel ACTUPACT
With attached thrust unit
Control and locking of the reversing 
Linear bolt secured against turning contactor unit are already integrated 
For positioning elements with linear  in the actuator. As a consequence 
travel (e.g. plug valves) cabling is reduced in the switchgear 
For direct mounting cabinet
With joint or Cardan joint
Rack and Pinion Actuators Pneumatic Actuators for 1/4 Turn Valves
Superior corrosion and wear
Double acting or spring return
resistance Air or all no agressive fluids working
◗ Does not peel, crack or flake Available in 4 versions:
◗ Hardness to Rc 55 ALUMINIUM + RILSAN COATED - P
◗ Lubricity POLYAMIDE GF -PP
◗ Non-sparking properties STAINLESS STEEL - PI
◗ Average nickel density surface HIGHT TEMPERATURE - HP +265*C
finish of Ra 10