Vacuum Pump Type - DV Submersible Pumps Type - KU6
Range: Vacuum up to 650 mm 
Range: Pipe Size 50 mm,65 mm,80 mm
                   of Mercury Head 4 m to 218 m
Air flow rate up to 162 m3 / hr Capacity 20 to 1100 Litres Per Minute
Power rating 3.7 kW to 7.5 kW  Discharge Range 2.2 kW to 15 kW 
                     (5.0 HP to 10.0 HP)                             (3 HP to 20 HP)
Applications: Twist drilling machine, Speed 3000 rpm
removing water from pulp layer Borewell dia 6" (150 mm)
Grease lubricated deep groove ball Pump has a built-in Non-Return Valve 
bearings designed for minimum frictional losses
Submersible Pumps Type - KU4 Openwell Submersible Pumps Type - KOS
Range: Head up to 249 metres
Range: Head up to 64 metres
            Capacity head up to 19 m3/hr              Capacity up to 110 m3/hr
Suitable for borewell dia 100 mm               Delivery size up to 100 mm
Applications: Sprinkler and Drip Pump bearings are water lubricated, 
Irrigation Wet type submersible motors, Water-
Pump bearings are water lubricated cooled and water-lubricated, Suitable 
Suitable for high voltage fluctuations for high voltage fluctuation