Self Priming Pumps Type - MINI+ Monobloc Pumps Type - KDS+/KDS++
Range: Delivery size up to 25 mm
Single Phase 
            Head up to 50 metres Range: Head up to 28 metres
            Capacity up to 3200 liter/sec             Discharge up to 15 lps
Motors up to 0.75 kw Power rating 0.37 to 1.5 kW 
Single phase end suction monoblocs                      (0.5 to 2.0 HP)
Available in stainless steel Voltage range 180 to 240 V
Portable, Noiseless TEFC construction
'B' classof insulations
Slow Speed Monobloc Pumps Type - KS End Suction Two Stage Monobloc Pumps KDT+
Range: Delivery size up to 150 mm
Range: Head up to 102 metres
            Head up to 22 metres             Capacity up to 19 liter/sec
            Capacity up to 260 m3/hr Power rating 0.75 kW to 15 kW 
Motors up to 7.5 kw                      (1.0 HP to 20.0 HP)
Gland packed / Mechanical seal Voltage range from 300V to 440V
Suitable for voltage fluctuation from  Suction lift upto 7.5 meters
300 V to 400 V. High suction lift Models are with IP-44 protection