End Suction Pumps Type - KE+ Two Stage End Suction Pumps Type - KHDT+
Range: Head up to 23 metres
Range: Head up to 104 metres
             Capacity up to 37 liter/sec Capacity up to 19 liter/sec
Power rating 3.7 kW to 5.9 kW  Power rating 3.7 kW to 15.0 kW 
                     (5.0 HP to 8.0 HP)                      (5.0 HP to 20.0 HP)
Applications: clear water handling Applications: Sprinkler/Conventional 
Suction lift upto 8 meters irrigation
Dynamically balanced rotating parts Suction lift up to 7.5 meters
Grease lubricated deep groove ball  Greese lubricated deep groove ball
bearings bearings
Self Priming Pumps Type - SP / SPM Self Priming Monobloc Pumps - Type - DH-X
Range: Delivery size up to 150 mm
Range: Head up to 45 metres
            Head up to 34 metres Capacity up to 3312 liter/sec
            Capacity up to 275 m3/hr Power rating 0.37 kW to 0.75 kW 
Power Rating for motor drive 0.75 kW                       (0.5 HP to 1.0 HP)
            to 18.7 kW (1.0 HP to 25.0 HP) Voltage range from 180V to 240V
Power Rating for engine drive 3.7 kW  Self priming action upto 25 feet
            to 19.5 kW (5.0 HP to 26.0 HP) Models are with IP-44 protection
Available in monobloc version Class of insulation 'B'