In line Pumps Type - ILS In Line Vertical Multistage Pumps Type - IL
Range: Delivery size up to 100 mm
Range: Delivery size up to 100 mm
             Capacity up to 210 m3/hr              Capacity up to 75 m3/hr
             Head up to 66 metres              Head up to 220 m
Temperature: (-)30* C to 90* C Temperature up to 120 degree C
Conforming to DIN 24255 Pressed stainless steel components
Directly fitted in pipeline Very high efficiency and low NPSH
Back pull-out design All wetted parts in SS304 or SS316
Gland packed / Mechanical Seal Mechanical Seal
50 Hz / 60 Hz availability 50Hz / 60Hz availability
End Suction Pumps Type - NW+/ NW-D End Suction Pumps Type - KH
Range: Delivery size up to 150 mm Range: Head up to 52 metres
            Head up to 42 metres             Capacity up to 12 liter/sec
            Capacity up to 350 m3/hr Power rating 0.25 kW 
Available with direct / pulley drive,              to 7.5 kW (0.33 HP to 10.0 HP)
engine / motor drive Suction lift up to 7.5 meters
Low NPSHR Designed to run direct / through 
High efficiency, high discharge rate at  pulley with motor
less power consumption Designed to prevent overloading 
Extremely simple in construction -  of motor 
Easy maintenance, easy gland  Water supply for domestic use in 
packing replacement apartments, buildings, and hotels