End Suction Mixed Flow Pumps Type - MF/MFX End Suction Pumps Type - DB (Large)
Range: Delivery size up to 650 mm
Range:Delivery size 150mm to 300mm
             Capacity up to 7000 m3/hr             Capacity up to 1900 m3/hr
             Head up to 30 metres             Head up to 35 metres
Temperature: Up to 90* C Temperature: Up to 90*C
Applications: Drainage water,Storm  Applications: Non corrosive 
water and supplying water from  chemicals
settling tanks in water works Back pull-out design
Option available with horizontal  50 Hz / 60 Hz availability
delivery position Gland packed / Mechanical Seal
End Suction Pumps Type - CPHM Monobloc Pumps Type - DBM
Range: Delivery size up to 200 mm
Range: Delivery size up to 80 mm
             Capacity up to 750 m3/hr              Capacity up to 200 m3/hr
             Head up to 150 metres              Head up to 64 metres
Temperature: (-)30*C to 90*C Temperature: (-)30*C to 100*C
Applications: Circulating systems in  Applications: Pumping clear or turbid 
Industries. Booster service. water up to 3000 ppm,Sprinkler 
Conforming to DIN 24256, ISO 2858 Irrigation, Booster Service, Brine,
Back pullout design. Alkaline Solutions, Benzene, Oils.