Split Casing Pumps Type - SCT / SCT Extended Horizontal Axially Split Casing Two Stage Pump
Range: Head up to 330 metres
Type - DSM/DSM (T)
             Capacity up to 4500 m3/hr Range: Delivery size up to 150 mm
             Delivery size up to 350 mm              Capacity up to 470 m3/hr
Temperature: Up to 90* C              Head up to 180 metres
Applications: Water/Liquids with  Temperature: Up to 90*C
slight impurities, petroleum refineries. Low NPSH
Direct or gear drive,suitable for higher  Interchangeability of components
working pressures,good suction  Gland packing / Mechanical Seal
performance and low NPSH,vibration  Reverse rotation available
free performance 50 Hz / 60 Hz availability
End Suction Pumps Type - CE End Suction Pumps Type - DB/DBHS
Range: Delivery size up to 125 mm
Range: Delivery size up to 150 mm
             Capacity up to 660 m3/hr              Capacity up to 550 m3/hr
             Head up to 100 metres              Head up to 100 metres
Temperature  Temperature: (-)100C to 1000C.
.-10 to 900 C(standard construction) Applications: Industries, Air-
900C to 1400C (+ stuffing box cooling) conditioning, Power station, Oils, 
Applications: Clear water and turbid  Irrigation, Mine drainage,Benzene, Fire 
water up to 3000 ppm.Suitable for  Fighting, Alkaline solutions
operating speed of 3500 rpm Conforming to DIN 24255
50 Hz / 60 Hz availability