Solid Handling Non-Clog Pumps Type - SHL Horizontal Multistage Pumps Type - RKB / RKBV
Range:Delivery size 250mm to 900mm
                   Range: Delivery size up 
             Capacity up to 13000 m3/hr                                      to 250 mm
             Head up to 82 metres                    Capacity up to 750 m3/hr
Applications: For handling liquids                     Head up to 580 metres
with solids in suspension, sludges or                     Temperature: Up to 140*C
pulpy material in Paper Industries,  Applications: Descaling, Mine 
Sewage or waste with soft solids  dewatering, Boiler feed, Booster 
Horizontal Multistage Pumps Type-MN/MHA/MLA Horizontal Axially Split Casing Single Stage 
Range: Delivery size up to 300 mm
Pumps Type - 
             Capacity up to 1000 m3/hr UP/UPL/UPH/UP(T)
             Head up to 750 metres Range: Delivery size up to 1100 mm
Temperature: Up to 140*C              Capacity up to 20,000 m3/hr
Applications: Irrigation, Fire-fighting..              Head up to 160 metres
Gland packed / Mechanical Seal Temperature: Up to 90* C
50 Hz / 60 Hz availability Applications: Water Supply, Paper, 
sugar and textile mills, Fire Fighting