MazzeiŽ Injectors Mixing Eductors
The new, patented TurboMixer 
provides improved hydraulic mixing of 
large and small tanks, lagoons, and 
other water basins. The dynamic 
Mazzei Injectors are high efficiency, Venturi-type, differential  mixing ratio of 6 to 1 is not affected 
pressure injectors.A pressure difference between the inlet and  by the water level.The various models 
outlet ports of the injector creates a vacuum inside the injector  offer differing flow rates and a 
body, which initiates suction through the suction port. compact design for trouble-free 
operation and easy installation
Solid Handling Pumps Type - SHM / SHS Non-Clog Pumps Type - NK/NKV
Range:  Delivery size up to 200 mm
Range: Delivery size up to 450 mm
              Capacity up to 800 m3/hr              Capacity up to 3400 m3/hr
              Head up to 90 metres              Head up to 55 metres
Temperature:  Up to 300*C Temperature: Up to 90* C
Applications: Sludge,  Sewage Applications: Pumping effluents, 
Power material slurries sewage, muddy, viscous and 
Sugar factory waste contaminated liquids containing solids