Piston Diaphragm Pumps R409.1-R/RK/MK411.. Metal Diaphragm Pumps MK/RK411.1-...MM...
are oscillating displacement pumps  are leak-free oscillating displacement 
designed for the dosing of volumes  pumps designed for the dosing of 
up to 600 l/h and 180 bar-depending volumes up to 55 l/h. Fluids with 
on the delivery current. A protective  aggressive, radioactive, toxic, 
diaphragm between pump head and  inflammable or odourous 
the stroke mechanism provides  characteristics
optimum operating safety max. operational pressure of 300 bar
Conrollable Diaphragm Pumps C-Series Conrollable Piston-Diaphragm Pumps C-Series
Modern integrated electronics and  are leak-free oscillating displacement 
proven quality in an optimum  pumps designed for the dosing of 
functioning unit.The pumps are  volumes up to 108 l/h and up to 
process-dependent controlled via maximum 50bar.They are an ideal 
standard and analogue digital signals  combination of the high supply
and designed for predominantly  pressure of a piston pump and the 
automatic proportional dosing. perfect leak-proofness
Conrollable Solenoid Diaphragm Pump C203 Conrollable Piston Pumps C-Series
are electronically controlled dosing  are oscillating displacement pumps 
pumps for many applications with a  designed for the dosing of volumes up 
high degree of operational safety and  to 48 l/h and up to maximum 140 bar
of robust construction for industrial  depending on the flow capacity. 
environments. Optimum operational safety through a 
protective diaphragm between the 
pump head and the stroke mechanism