Feeding Pump ZYM-409.1 Feeding Pump ZXM-411.3/ZXR-411.3
Type ZYM is equipped with two The two opposite pump heads of this
opposite pump heads. Each of them compact unit are brought together at
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connection of its own.Pump body from Pump body from PP, 1.4571, PVC,
PP, 1.4571, PVC, PVDF, Titanium, PVDF, Titanium,Hastelloy, Plexiglass
Hastelloy, Plexiglass (PMMA), PE (PMMA), PE
Three-phase drive motor Three-phase drive motor
Multi-Layer Diaphragm Pamps R409.1- Piston Diaphragm Pump R409.1
are in many cases a reasonably
are leak-free oscillating displacement
priced alternative to piston diaphragm pumps designed for the dosing of
pumps since the ML-series can work volumes up to 2000 l/h and up to
with flow capacites up to 500 l/h at maximum 50 bar depending on flow
pressures up to 16 bar. Visual capacity.They are an ideal combination
diaphragm rupture display with of the high supply pressure of a
manometer piston pump