Sanitary Truck Pump SP Series Solenoid Diaphragm Pump R203
The latest high quality performer that 
are electronically controlled dosing 
is ready to meet your 3A transfer  pumps for a variety of applications
needs. Handles high or low viscosity  with high operational safety, a robust 
products.Tanker loading and unloading industrial product.
Up to 100,000 CPS For accurate dosing of fluid media in 
Suitable for food,pharmaceutical grade, all areas of industry.
and cosmetic products
Diaphragm Pamp R302 Multi-Head Diaphragm Pumps ZR-408.1-ZR-409.1
are leak-free oscillating displacement 
are compact, attractive pumps at a 
pumps designed for the dosing of  reasonable price which can handle up 
volumes up to 4000 l/h. Free-flowing  to three media at different flow 
media with aggressive, abrasive,  capacities in parallel. Pump body from 
viscous,radio-active,inflammable,  PP, PP-FRP, 1.4571, PVC, PVDF, 
odourous or poisonous  PVDF-FRP, Steel galvanised, Titanium, 
characteristics. Hastelloy, Plexiglass (PMMA), PE