Helical Gear Pump 5600 Series Helical Gear Pump 3800 Series
For your high solid & heavy liquid  Oil fiel applications including light and 
transfer duties  heavy crude oils
Reversible rotation & flow Kerosene mixtures 
Interchangable parts with Bowie 3300 Condensated
3" pump size. weightless flanges is  Condensates
approximatly 142 lbs. Hot Oil
Helical Gear Pump 3800 Series Helical Gear Pump 3600 Series
Designed for pumping viscous liquids Mixing, blending, recirculating, and 
Operates at standard motor speeds  transferring heavy, viscous materials 
for viscous up to 100,000 SSU in either a fixed or mobile transfer 
Angled gear arrangement application
Pressures up to 75 PSI Ideal for gasoline, asphalt, molasses, 
Enlarged ports facilitate pumping ink, roofing compound, and oils
Helical Gear Pump ROC Series Helical Gear Pump Bulk Liquid Handling
Roper Pumps' "ROC" Series goes with  Thin liquids such as fuels, solvents, 
the flow and performs spotlessly in and petrochemicals
stainless steel  Thick liquids such as residual fuel oils, 
Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries molasses and resins. Designed for 
Injection and transfer applications of  various functions from tankers and 
acids and solvents barges to process plants , refineries