Helical Gear Pump C Series Helical Gear Pump F Series
Stainless Steel/Chemical Great ways to deliver under pressure. 
Designed for petroleum refinery and  Hydraulic power for positioning 
chemical processing.Ideal for polymer  devices, lifts, machine actuation, fuel 
and general transfer applications burners and blenders.General transfer 
Differential pressures to 200 PSI applications for oil and petroleum fluids
Up to 468 GPM 500 PSI with bearing modifications
Helical Gear Pump V Series Helical Gear Pump Z Series
With its magnetic power and Leakroof  A reliable performer, Roper Pumps' 
performance,the V Series will protect Z Series is open to easy maintenance 
your operation. Designed for ultra- and has a wide choice of seals 
safe transfer of hazardous or toxic  Excellent for mixing, blending and 
liquids.Ideal for environmental  recirculating a variety of fluids
concerns or when "zero leakage" is  Ideal for the chemical and petroleum 
an issue markets