Progressive Cavity Pumps Model  70400 Progressive Cavity Pumps Model  70500
Its construction makes this gear joint 
Its solid drive shaft makes Roper's 
pump ideal for applications where a  70500 the pump of choice for handling 
longer maintenance interval is desired,  anything with a tendency to set up -- 
when accessibility to the pump is  and eventually build up -- in a hollow-
limited or where downtime must be  shaft model. That includes
kept to a minimum.   thermosetting adhesives, concrete
Progressive Cavity Pumps Model  70700 Helical Gear Pump A Series
If you're faced with pumping extremely  Packing, mechanical seal, or lip seals
high viscosity or semidry materials that  Optional internal relief valve
won't flow easily through a standard  Variety of mounting arrangements
suction port, you'll be interested in the  Internal sleeve bearings, lubricated by 
70700 ser of hopper feed progressing  the pumped fluid, are available in a 
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