Hydraulic Submersible Pump Self-Priming Pumps
Vane or Piston Hydraulic Motor Self Primer 4" and 6" Designs Available
Oil Lubrication Self-Priming up to 25'
Double Row Thrust Bearings Reprimes even without a Check Valve
Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal New Higher Efficiency Chopper
Pump Out Vanes and Upper Cutter Impeller
Cast Alloy Steel Chopper Impeller, Oversized Cleanout
Cutter Bar and Cutter Nut Ductile Iron Housing, Casing and
Bearing Frame
Progressive Cavity Pumps Model 70200 Progressive Cavity Pumps Model 70300
As a result, either model can handle
The 70200 offers the most economical high-pressure spraying, chemical
solution for tough pumping problems injection into high-pressure lines and
like highly viscous,abrasive,shear applications involving pressures
sensitive, or solid-containing materials. above 225 psi. The 70300 series also
allows you to use our stainless steel
Progressive Cavity Pumps Series Performance Range pumps, normally rated to 75 psi and 600 RPM, in applications
Capacity 0 - 160 m3/hr Pressure 0 - 53 Bar which call for their full element ratings. Standard pumps offered
Viscosity 1 - 55,000 cSt Temperature 176 C in the 70300 series are three-, four- and six-stage pumps.