VERDERFLEX Hose VERDERGEAR GlobalGear Internal Gear Pumps
Internal diameter of the hose and rotor 
VERDERGEAR GlobalGear for difficult 
speed determine the flow rate of the  fluid handling applications. GlobalGear 
pump. Hose wall thickness compared  builds on a time-tested design and 
to its diameter and the number of  more than 70 years of gear pump 
reinforcement layers are responsible  engineering experience. Capable of 
for the restoration forces of the hose  tackling the toughest high-viscosity 
after compression and creates a  applications, Global Gear pumps are 
virtual vacuum in the hose.   ideally suited to bulk transfer,
VERDERLAB Peristaltic Tube Pumps  VERDERMAG Sealless Mag Drive Centrifugal 
The VERDERLAB series of pumps 
comprises of the VERDERLAB  The VERDERMAG series of pumps 
peristaltic tube pumps, an extensive  comprises the metallic Global models 
range of laboratory and pilot plant  complimented by the non-metallic 
peristaltic tube pumps, providing  Ansimag series and V-MD, GPMD and 
numerous applications for laboratory  GLMD models.The VERDERMAG range 
and dosing applications. is therefore a complete, well-balanced 
series of magnetically coupled 
centrifugal pumps.