Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps Bronze Clutch-Driven Pumps
Topair - AODD - Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps
The TopAir-series is one of the most Bronze Clutch-Driven Flexibel Impeller pumps The clutch-driven series of pumps
complete lines of Air Operated Double comprises four sizes ranging from 1
Diaphragm pumps on the market. With to 2.1/2 port sizes. These pumps are
eight sizes up to 800 l/min.TopAir will normally vehicle-mounted and the
pump any liquid which flows or moves pumps are activated only when
through a pipe - from clear water and required. All four sizes are available
volatile liquids to highly viscous, with electromagnetic clutches while
abrasive or chemically aggr. liquids. two sizes, 1 and 2, are also
available with manual clutch.
VERDERAIR double diaphragm pumps
VERDERFLEX Industrial hose pumps
Well known series in this pump line
The VERDERFLEX product group
are e.g. Cont-ex for general consists of a well-balanced high
applications and AH model for high quality range of industrial hose
system pressures. pumps for heavy-duty applications.
Easy installation, easy maintenance. As with all series of VERDERFLEX
Screwed chambers for safe pumps,current emphasis is on reduced
operation and zero leakage. downtime with minimal maintenance,