FP66 & FP68 Sanitary-Centrifugal Pump SCP66 Sanitary,Selfpriming and Air
The Packo FP66 and FP68 pumps are Handling Pump
small, single stage, stainless steel The SCP66 range are air handling and
centrifugal pumps. They offer good selfpriming centrifugal pumps.They
value for money, combining a sanitary are ideally suited as CIP-return pump,
design in a modular and functional to transfer a mixture of cleaning fluid
construction. This range is limited to and air. This range is limited to
45m/h/200US.GPM-18m/60ft- 30 m/h / 130 US.GPM - 18 m / 60 ft -
2.2 kW/3HP. 2,2 kW / 3 HP.
CRP2 Sanitary, Selfpriming and Air
NMS Multistage Centrifugal Pump
Handling Pump The NMS multi stage, stainless steel
The CRP2 range are air handling and centrifugal pumps are designed to
selfpriming centrifugal pumps, pump efficiently at low flow and high
designed to the strictest (CIP/SIP) head. The range goes up to
cleanability standards.The CRP2 range 15 m3/h / 70 US.GPM -
goes up to 125 m3/h / 550 US.GPM - 120 m / 400 ft - 11 kW / 15 hp.
120 m / 400 ft - 22 kW / 30 HP.