FC325 AQP HOSE. Uniform Pressure. Spiral Wire Hose.
5000 psi. Features the patented AQP tube compound and
4-spiral wire reinforcement. Pressures to 5000 psi.
FC350 AQP HOSE. Exceeds FMVSS-106 Type All. 
The revolutionary truck hose with superior abrasion resistance. 
Features an AQP tube for excellent fluid compatibility and 
FC355 AQP HOSE. Exceeds FMVSS-106 Type All. 
Ideal for truck maintenance and piping conditions where fluid 
compatibility and chemical resistance are required. Has a blue 
AQP elastomer cover for fluid resistance.
FC234 AQP HOSE. Fire resistant fuel hose meets USCG AI
requirements. Offers positive fire resistance in critical 
applications without using a firesleeve.
FC332 AQP SOCKETLESS HOSE. Offers extended fluid 
compatibility and operating temperature range for low pressure 
applications. Used with Aeroquip SOCKETLESS fittings for
quick and easy assembly.