General Purpose Hose EPDM Thermoplastic Hose
(ethylenepropylene diene terpolymer) Thermoplastic combines prime PVC
cover, backing and tubing with a with special additives allowing this
single braid polyester rayon cord for hose to resist long term deterioration
additional strength. Designed for air caused by exposure to air line
and water applications where lubricating oils. A tough cover
contact with petroleum products is protects against scuffs, cuts and
minimal. abrasions while rayon spiral
Available in Red. synthetic cord assures added
Lock-On Rubber Hose Hose Crimpers
Coilhose Lock-On Rubber Hose The CV500 Hose Crimper is
withstands pressures up to 250 PSI furnished with mounting holes for
and temperatures up to 175 F. permanent installations or it may be
Lock-On Fittings, when used with used as a portable tool for in-the-
Lock-On Hose, eliminate the need field hose assembly. Crimps 1/4" to
for ferrules or clamps, which 3/8" I.D. hose in either one or two
facilitates quick, permanent inthe- braid design.
field installations and repairs.
Available in Yellow.