Polyvinyl (PVC) Tubing D.O.T. Tubing
Polyvinyl (PVC) Tubing is a clear, This Type "A" non-reinforced Air
lightweight non-toxic tubing that is Brake tubing is ideal for connecting
more flexible than Nylon and instrumentation or pneumatic
Polyethylene. It is resistant to most accessories to a vehicle's air brake
chemicals and solvents and can be system. Made of Nylon 11 and heat-
sterilized repeatedly. and lightstabilized. Available in a
PVC can be safely used in variety of colors and in 500' and
temperature ranges 1,000' lengths on easy-to-dispense
of -30 F to +150 F. reels.
Industrial Polyurethane Hose Nitrile Blend Hose
Weighs 50% less than traditional Made with a tough, durable nitrile
hose. blend cover, this hose is able to
UV stabilized and crack-resistant so withstand working pressures up to
it will last season after season. 300 PSI and temperatures up to
Solid brass, crush-proof fittings. 180 F, yet maintain excellent
Available in 50' or 75' lengths and flexibility. The nitrile blend tube is
1/2" or 5/8" Hose I.D. reinforced with braided hightensile
A built-in base plate makes rayon cord for extra strength.
installation easy. Available in Blue.