Coilhose Pneumatics offers Polyurethane Tubing Multi-Color Ribbon Tubing
(polytetra-methylene glycol ether) Multi-Color Ribbon Tubing, commonly 
based compound, which will not  known as MCR, is a cost effective
hydrolyze or degrade when  method of routing two or more 
exposed to water. Polyurethane has  tubing lines.Made from 95 durometer
become a popular choice for tubing  Polyurethane, MCR can be installed 
due to its extreme flexibility and  faster than other jacketing options. 
resistance to kinking. In addition, it  MCR color codes tubing lines for 
stands up very well to fuels and oils. identification, tracing or 
1/8" x 1/16" .031" 233 PSI troubleshooting. 
Nylon Tubing Polyethylene Tubing
Coilhose Pneumatics offers high  Polyethylene is one of the most 
quality Nylon 11 Tubing for  popular choices for low pressure 
applications requiring low density,  tubing due to its resistance to most 
lightweight toughness, flexibility and  chemicals and solvents, good 
chemical resistance. Its dimensional  flexibility and economical cost. Our 
stability makes it compatible with  PE Tubing is manufactured from high 
Coilock Fittings and Poly-Tube Fittings. quality resins and extruded to
Lengths of 100 feet are packaged in  close tolerances. We offer five 
plastic bags popular sizes.