Float Type Liquid Drain Trap WLDE Series Float Type Liquid Drain Trap WLD600
This liquid drainer has a float-operated
Sizes 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2
valve that gives the trap a modulating Connections NPT, SW, Flanged
flow characteristic. The amount of Body Material Carbon Steel
liquid flowing into the drainer is Options Body in 316L SST
sensed by the float which positions PMO Max. 450 PSIG; TMO Max. 750F
the main valve to discharge the liquid PMA Max. 990 PSIG @ 100F
at the same rate as it is received. TMA Max. 750F @ 670 PSIG
Float Type Liquid Drain Trap WLD1400 Inverted Bucket Liquid Drain Trap WLD1500 Series
Sizes 1/2, 3/4, 1;
When there is condensate in the
Connections NPT system, the inverted bucket inside the
Body Material Ductile Iron liquid drain trap sits on the bottom of
PMO Max. 300 PSIG the unit due to its weight. This allows
TMO Max. 450F condensate to enter the trap and to be
PMA Max. 300 PSIG UP TO 450 F discharged through the seat orifice
TMA Max. 450 F @ 300 PSIG located at the top.
Thermodynamic Drain Trap WLD1703S Blast Discharge Liquid Drain Trap WLD9000
The WLD1703S is used on air and gas The WLD9000 are used to drain liquids
applications as drip traps on system from systems where dirt and oil are a
mains and other piping runs. These problem. Typically used on receivers,
drain traps are ideal for outdoor separators,intercoolers, aftercoolers,
applications where units are subject reservoirs, risers, main drips and
to freezing. refrigerated dryers.
TMA Max. 610F @ 750 PSIG Body Material High Tensile Aluminum