Centrifugal Condensate Separators MS-Series Oil / Water Separators SAO-Series
Available in a range of 10models with
The SAO have been designed and
capacities of up to 30000 m3/h of air developed to separate oil from the
aspirated by the compressor.. condensate which collects in a
Max. operating pressure 40 bar. compressed airsystem from the
These separate the condensate compressor, aftercoolers, air dryers,
produced in the compressed air receptacles, filters.Performance can
cooled by the AF,WF and WE coolers be easily checked by means of a
and chillers.To separate the special sampling vessel and all filters
condensate they use a centrifugal can be rapidly replaced without
element interrupting operations.
Air Blast Aftercoolers AF-Series Heatless Desicant Type Dryers (SDA) for
Air blast aftercoolers with fin-pack
Compressed Air.
units for compressed air and gas. Capacities from 27 to 3540 m3/h of air
These cool compressed gas using aspirated by the compressor. Offer a
ambient air.Available in a complete dew point down to -60C under
range with capacities up to 4800m3/h
pressure for maximum operating
of air aspirated by the compressor. pressures of up to 16 bar.These
Maximum operating pressure 40 bar. dryers use an activated aluminium
The AF air blast aftercooler solves the bed to dry compressed air. They are
problem of cooling and dehumidifying equipped with two tanks that operate
compressed air or gas. in cycles.