801-0.35 Sub-Micron Cartridge 801 Series Highly Efficient Filter Cartridges
801-0.35filter cartridges are designed 
Highly efficient filter cartridges made 
for drinking water, D.I. water,  of pleated Polyester-PlusTM filter 
beverages, foods, chemicals,  media for low pressure drop,high flow 
pharmaceuticals,electronics, R/O  capability, increased contaminant 
pretreatment and other applications  removal, long filter runs, reusability
where submicron filtration is required. and the lowest cost per gallon filtered.
Polyester Plus™ filter media, specially  ANSI/NSF-61. 
made for sub-micron filtration.This  Micron Ratings: 0.35 µ - 20 µ
unique fiber will not shrink, delaminate  Flow rate: 4-6 GPM.      pH: 3 to 11.
or migrate.End caps are Platisol(PVC). Temperature: 140°F-200°F