Vacuum Components
Special suction pads SPL 90-FPM-F/SPL 190-FPM-F
Special suction pads MOS 6 to MOS 23 x 11 x 5
Diameter 90-190 mm, material: FPM, Diameter 6-12 mm, cross-sections
coated with felt 8 x 1 mm to 25 x 20 mm
Application areas : Application areas :
Special suction pads for very hot Standard sealing profiles for
workpieces, withstands construction of your own suction
temperatures up to 400C plates to match your workpieces
Special suction pads MOS2K and SWG2K
Special suction pads Nipple
Cross-sections 21x11 to 53x32 mm male fitting M3 for suction pad
Application areas : PFG 1 material: aluminium
Standard sealing profiles for 1 mm - 5 mm
construction of your own suction 0.4 mm - 0.9 mm
plates to match your workpieces,
particularly for rough and structured