Vacuum Components
Special suction pads  SGN 6,3 to SGN 25 Egg suction pads
Diameter 6.3-25 mm, materials:  These suction pads are 
NBR and SI characterised by their optimum 
Application areas : adaptation to the varying shapes gs.
The special suction pads for  and sizes of eggs encountered 
sensitive workpieces and uneven  during sorting, packing and 
surfaces processing. 
Special suction pads  FGB 52x25 R to FGB 80x50 R Special suction pads  HS 15-22 and HS 30-35
Typical examples are natural  Body of Aluminium with integrated 
products such as slices of toast,  lifting cylinder, connection thread 
biscuits and bakery products.  M5 and G1/8" for suction pads
The extra long stroke of the suction  Application areas :
pad permits good compensation for  The special suction pad for a quick 
workpieces  separation of papers and films