Vacuum Components
Special suction pads  SGGN 85 and SGGN 115 Special suction pads SGN 120
Diameter 85-115 mm, material:  Diameter 120 mm, material: ECO
Vulkollan Application areas :
Application areas : Very hard- The special suction pads for 
wearing suction pads for maximum  workpieces of varying widths, 
loads and a long lifetime, particularly  even less than the suction pad 
for convex and concave workpieces diameter
Special suction pads  SGN 20 to SGN 100
Special suction pads SGN 45
Diameter 20-100 mm, material: NBR Diameter 45 mm, materials: ECO 
Application areas : and SI
Special suction pads hard,  Application areas :
continuous use and high transverse  The special suction pads for 
forces sensitive workpieces and uneven