Vacuum Components
Bellows-type suction pads SAOG 30x80-SAOG 40x95
Bellows-type suction pads Magnetic grippers SGM
Dimensions 30 x 80 to 40 x 95;  Diameter 20 to 80 mm; Holding force 
material NBR 45 Shore hardness 6 to 250 N
Application areas : Handling of  Application areas : Handling 
sheet metal with low curvature  perforated metal sheets and laser-
radius; The suction pad SAOG even  cut parts with complex shapes. 
grips on very narrow and curved  Additional gripping for handling 
Bellows-type suction pads PFB 140 x 65
Bellows-type suction pads SGAN 7 to SGAN 16
Diameter 140 x 65 mm material: NBR Diameter 7-16 mm, materials: 
Application areas : SI and PU
The special suction pad for round  Application areas :
workpieces, especially tires and  The special suction pads for very 
pipes sensitive workpieces