Vacuum Components
Bellows-type suction pads  FSGB 25 (3.5 corrugations)
Bellows-type suction pads  FSGA B20CR 1/8AG-M5IG
Diameter 25 mm, materials:  The long stroke of the suction pad 
NBR and SI permits soft placement on easily 
Application areas : damaged products and allows the 
The universal suctions pads for  suction pad to adapt itself to uneven 
particularly uneven workpieces or  or curbed surfaces. The reinforcing 
if height compensation is needed. ribs on the bottom 
Bellows-type suction pads  FSGAO 140x65 - 95x40 
Bellows-type suction pads SAOB 30x60-SAOB 70x140
Diameter 40 x 95-65 x 140 mm,  Sizes 30 x 60 to 70 x 140 mm, 
material: grey NBR material NBR
Application areas : Application areas :
Very hard-wearing suction pads for  The special suction pad for highly 
maximum loads and a long lifetime,  curved sheet metal parts, 
particularly for long workpieces  particularly thinwalled car