Vacuum Components
Bellows-type suction pads  FSGPL 150 to FSGPL 250 Bellows-type suction pads FSGA 11 to FSGA 78
Diameter 150-250 mm, material: NBR Diameter 11-78 mm, materials: NBR, 
Application areas : SI, PU, HT1 and NK
The suction pads for large, heavy  Application areas :
workpieces, particularly for uneven  The universal suction pads for 
workpieces or if height  almost all applications, particularly 
compensation is needed for uneven workpieces 
Bellows-type suction pads  FSGA 110 to FSGA 150 Bellows-type suction pads  FSGA 30 to FSGA 110 
Diameter 110-150 mm, materials: 
Diameter 30-110 mm, material: 
NBR and SI Vulkollan
Application areas : Application areas :
The universal suction pads for  Very hard-wearing suction pads for 
almost all applications, particularly  maximum loads and a long lifetime, 
for uneven workpieces  particularly for uneven workpieces