Vacuum Components
Flat suction pads (round) PFYN F20 CR 1/8 AG
Floating suction pad SBS
The PFYN series is particularly  Floating suction pad with integrated 
suitable for use on flat surfaces  vacuum generation by bernoulli 
which are smooth or slightly rough.  principle.
The inner reinforcing ribs distribute  Application areas : Automated 
the vacuum uniformly and help to  separation and handling of flat 
prevent the suction pad from being  workpieces made of porous 
pulled off.  materials
Flat suction pads (oval) SGON 2x4 to SGON 30x90 Flat suction pads (oval) SPL60x20 to SPL370x80
Diameter 2 x 4-30 x 90 mm,  Diameter 60 x 20-370 x 80 mm, 
materials: NBR, HT1 and SI material: grey NBR
Application areas : Application areas :
The suction pads for long, narrow  The suction plates for long, narrow 
workpieces such as pipes and  workpieces such as pipes and 
sections sections