Vacuum Components
Flat suction pads  SPGF-K 45 to SPGF-K 250
Flat suction pads  SPGF-U 100toSPGF-U 400
Diameter 45-250 mm, materials:  Diameter 100-400 mm, materials: 
support grey CR, seal grey foam  grey NBR and SI.
rubber. Application areas :
Application areas : The universal suction pads for 
The special suction pads for all  smooth and slightly rough surfaces, 
rough and structured surfaces such as glass, scaly sheet metal, 
wood etc.
Flat suction pads (round) SGBN 30 NBR 1/8 AG Flat suction pads (round) SGBN 30 NBR 1/8 IG
The SGBN series is particularly 
The inner studs distribute the 
suitable for use on flat surfaces  vacuum uniformly and help to 
which are smooth or slightly rough.  prevent the suction pad from being 
The slight bell shape supports fast  pulled off.
picking-up of the workpieces and 
helps to reduce the cycle times.