Economy Regulators ER02 Pre-Set In-Line Pressure Regulators 4214-70PS
The Regulator provides users The In-Line Pressure Regulators are
with accurate yet costeffective designed to protect intermittently
air regulation. This compact unit operated air tools against damage
is designed for a long service caused by over-pressurization. The
life and features a rugged die- Preset In-Line Regulator is preset at
cast zinc body and a high- the factory for tamperproof operation.
impact plastic adjusting knob. Made of brass.
Regulates between 5 - 125 PSI. Maximum Supply Pressure: . . 150 PSI
Flow is 18 CFM at 100 PSI. Maximum Operating Temp.: . . 175 F
Adjustable In-Line Pressure Regulators 4214ADJ Miniature Series Filters
Available in 1/4" and 3/8" body The Miniature Series Filters are
sizes. designed for applications where
Adjustable pressure setting space is limited and flow requirements
allows custom setting for are low. They excel in control panels
various tools or applications. and miniature circuitry. Each unit can
Compact size is lightweight and be disassembled by hand for easy
is designed to be part of the tool. maintenance.
Maximum Supply Pressure:. 150 PSI Available in 1/8" or 1/4" ports.
Maximum Operating Temp.: . . 175 F Plastic Bowl:150 PSI;Metal :250 PSI