Ramp & Roller type Clutch ALZ External Bearing Support Required, Ramp &
This clutch is primarily designed
Roller Clutches BAT
for indexing but may also be An electrically or pneumatically
used as a backstop or actuated latch engages the rollers
overrunning clutch sizes 30- 50. driving cage. Model BAT is a ramp &
Through pneumatic actuation roller type single revolution clutch
(5 to 6 PSI bars) this clutch can without bearing support. Its main
overrun in both directions. function is indexing without
The rollers are guided by a cage cumulative error.
that ensures their engagement. Speed Max.750 RPM
Nylon Air Hose STOWAWAY Heavy Duty Nylon Air Hose
This lightweight, permanently- Stowaway Heavy Duty Nylon Air
coiled hose is manufactured Hose features extra heavy wall
from tough, abrasion-resistant thickness to meet the requirements of
Nylon 11 and designed to the most demanding applications.
withstand temperatures Heavy walls provide additional
between -60 F and +200 F. protection against oil, grease,
Each assembly is supplied with gasoline and abrasion as well as
durable brass compression increased working pressure.
fittings, tube inserts Available in Blue.