Air Velocity Transmitters
Portable Wind Meter Vaneometer Model 480
Ideal for yachtsmen, outdoorsmen,  Swing Vane Anemometer, Use This 
farmers, etc. A welcome gift. Use  Sensitive Dwyer Unit to Measure Low 
anywhere. Direct reading, no  Air Velocities - at Low Cost.
calculations. Hold meter at eye level,  480 is a durable lowpriced instrument 
back of unit to wind. White ball in tube  specifically designed to simplify the 
indicates wind speed. Meter has two  measurement of low air velocities 
scales for maximum accuracy and  from 25 to 400 feet per minute.
easy reading - low, 2-10 and high,  Use a 480 to measure velocity of air 
4-66 m.p.h. range.  flow into laboratory fume hoods ,..
In-Line Flow Sensor              Series DS Stainless Steel Pitot Tube     Series 160
Use with Differential Pressure  ASME Design Meets AMCA and 
Gages or Transmitters  ASHRAE Codes.Ideal for use with our 
Flow Sensors are averaging Pitot  precision manometers and air velocity 
tubes that provide accurate and  gauges, Pitot Tubes are constructed 
convenient flow rate sensing for  from corrosion resistant stainless 
schedule 40 pipe. When purchased  steel for a lifetime of service. ASME 
with a differential pressure gage of  design meets AMCA and ASHRAE 
appropriate range, the result is a flow  specifications for maximum accuracy 
indicating system delivered off the  over a wide variety of flow conditions. 
shelf at an economical price.