Air Velocity Transmitters
Smart Air Velocity Transmitter    PFS Air Velocity Transmitter         Series 641
Field Rangeable, 0.1 Second  16field selectable ranges in FPM/MPS. 
Response, ±0.2% Repeatability .
This transmitter uses a heated mass 
PFS measures mass flow rate of air,  flow sensor which allows for precise 
nitrogen, or other non-combustible  velocity measurements at various 
gases and delivers a linear 4 - 20mA  flow rates and temperatures.
output signal. The smart electronics  APPLICATIONS: Exhaust Stack Flow 
permit field configuration of flow  Monitoring; Air Control in Drying 
range and full validation of calibration.  Processes; HVAC Air Velocity 
Windows™ 95 based software. Measurements.
Precision Flow™ Air Velocity Transmitter  PF Air Velocity Transmitter            PFH
PF directly monitor gas mass flow  0.2 Second Response, ±0.2% 
rates of free air flows or single point  Repeatability .
flows in pipes, ducts and stacks.  PFH measure mass flow rate of air, 
The 4-20 mA output signal is linearly  nitrogen, or other non-combustible 
proportional to gas mass velocity  gases and delivers a 4-20 mA output 
without additional compensation  signal directly proportional to gas 
needed for pressure and temperature  mass velocity. Easily install into pipes, 
variations.The 304 SS insertion probe  ducts, or external flow streams for 
contains a velocity sensor . monitoring air flow in ventilation syst.