Oxygen analyzer PMA 20 O2 measuring probe Oxystem 300 compact
A sensing unitis held by means of This electronic oxygen measuring
belts. Protection: IP 53 probe features a compact design for
Identical to PMA 10 but with stationary installation. It consists of a
Thermostat: + 50C. 300 mm long zirconium dioxide
Output: 0/4 to 20 mA measuring probe with an adjustable
supply unit AC 110/230 V screw fitting and control electronics.
(L x W x H): 170 x 210 x 200 mm measuring range: 0,3 to 24,6%
Design: 1/3 19 unit 3 HU by vol. O2. output: 0 to 10 V
O2 measuring probe Oxystem 500 compact Scattered light measuring device FW 100
This unit is identical to the Oxystem
The FW 100 high-precision dust
300 W but for gas temperatures measuring device provides continuous
up to 500C. real-time measurement of dust in
Protection: IP 50 gases. It detects minimum (0,1 mg/m3)
Corresponding to: 0,12 V to 10 V to medium 200 mg/m3) concentrations
Accuracy: 0,1% by vol. O2 independent of the gas flow. The
Measured value: measured scattered light intensity is
output: 0 - 10 V linear proportional to the dust concentration.