Flue gas analysis computer with printer Flue gas analysis computer
Combilyzer RGT-03
Measured parameters: O2, CO/H2, CO
The sturdy aluminium housing 20.000, NO, flue gas temperature,
contains the microprocessor- combustion air temperature, draft,
controlled electronic system,the pressure. Calculated parameters:
electrochemical measuring cells and CO absolute,lambda, CO2, efficiency,
sensors and the gas treatment unit flue gas losses. You can enter soot
plus a second pump for the automatic spot number, oil derivates, boiler
CO flushing function. temperature and customer data.
Peltier gas cooler Type ECP Flue gas analysis computer MAXILYZER
The cooler uses the Peltier effect
The sturdy, water-proof housing
(reversal of the thermo-electrical contains the microprocessor
effect) in order to cool down the controlled electronic system, the
gas to be measured. electro-chemical measuring cells and
Service measuring point: 0,1 V/C sensors and the gas distribution
Gas pressure: max. 3 bar abs.* system. Measured parameters:
Gas connections:clamping rings 6 mm O2, CO/H2,(CO 10,000, NO optional),
Condensate conn.:clamping ring 12mm flue gas, combustion air temperature